Eric Dubois — a digital sketchbook

i.f. — Red

Red Apple

This week’s Illustration Friday topic—Red—came just as I was working on this image of a red apple (OK, 150 red apples but who’s counting?). So here’s the work in progress.

As usual, the elements were modelled in Hexagon and the shading, lighting and composition were done in Carrara.

i.f. — Eighties

Rubik's cube

My second Illustration Friday entry. This week’s theme is “Eighties” ans somehow the Rubik’s cube has become the icon for the decade. (more…)

i.f. — Buzz

Buzz the bee

This is my first Illustration Friday entry. The theme is “Buzz”. I wanted to keep it clean and simple. The bee was modelled in Hexagon, then imported in Carrara for shading, lighting and rendering.